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Sustainability for us is a duty towards people and the planet, a commitment to future generations, a way of being and acting.

Fili & Forme Mapei places a strong emphasis in being an environmentally conscious business. Thanks to the availability of recycled materials on the international markets, recycled formulas have been skillfully created. The joint effort between our technicians and suppliers, have led Fili & Forme Mapei to trace the best recycled materials to reuse in the production process. Capable of maintaining high quality standard, these monofilaments are addressed to low-value final products or to all products particularly sensitive to the reuse. All waste material coming from our production cycle is carefully selected, blended with additives and reprocessed.

Our production cycle does not generate any waste that needs to be discarded.

PVC Renew

PVC ReNew is realized recovering high quality and selected regenerated post-production raw materials. The product shows excellent mechanical features and a good flaggability grade.
ReNew boasts all the advantages typical of a more competitive formulation and therefore an excellent value-for-money. Available in all colors of range, it assures color consistency in different production lots.
Available diameters from 0.40mm to 0.65mm, level only.

PVC Basic

PVC Basic is realized using a considerable quantity of post-production regenerated raw materials and is aimed to the manufacturing of medium-low positioned finished products. It is available in diameters ranging from 0.40mm to 0.65mm, level only, in red, green, yellow, blue, grey and black colors, not selectable from the color palette and with slight color nuances variations possible from lot to lot.
Color shades may show slight color variations from batch to batch.
Excellent value-for-money, it has very good flaggability and has been formulated for the recovery of regenerated materials.

PVC Relive

PVC Relive has been realized with the purpose of a strong recovery of post-production raw materials.
Excellent value-for-money, it shows a good flaggability and is available in black and grey colors only, outlining its recycled nature.
Diameters ranging from 0.45mm to 1.40mm flaggable and non-flaggable.

PP Relive

PP Relive is entirely manufactured with the use of post-production regenerated raw materials and masterbatch. It has been formulated with the aim of recovering regenerated components and is available in grey, black and few other colors on request, which may change their color nuance significantly from lot to lot, outlining its recycled nature.
Resistance to wear and abrasion is very well preserved so these filaments can be used with no issues for the manufacturing of the main finished products made with traditional PP bristles. The available diameters range from 0.40mm to 1.40mm in all sections and crimpings.