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Good resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion, low density and good resistance to heat, make this product particularly suitable for the production of all kinds of industrial brushes and household brushes.

PP filaments can be released flaggable, non-flaggable, pre-flagged one or both ends, lever or crimped, in a range of diameters from 0.17mm to 1.40mm.

These filaments are made in different sections such as round, X, Y and trilobal.

X, Y and trilobal sections, increase the lightness of the product and are particularly suitable for all the finished items working in contact with water, facilitating the removal of residual liquid.

PP filaments are non-hygroscopic and can be supplied in a range of colors suitable for food contact.

PP filaments are flammable and have a good resistance to solvents and reactants. UV-resistance additives can be added on request, to protect PP filaments from sun exposure deterioration.

PP Relive

PP Relive is entirely manufactured with the use of post-production regenerated raw materials and masterbatch. It has been formulated with the aim of recovering regenerated components and is available in grey, black and few other colors on request, which may change their color nuance significantly from lot to lot, outlining its recycled nature.

Resistance to wear and abrasion is very well preserved so these filaments can be used with no issues for the manufacturing of the main finished products made with traditional PP bristles. The available diameters range from 0.40mm to 1.40mm in all sections and crimpings.

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