PVC Monofilaments

The Timeless monofilaments.

PVC Monofilaments are still the most used for the production of brooms, brushes and decorative items. Thanks to their excellent physical features, PVC filaments are still the most versatile and advantageous.

PVC monofilaments are self-extinguish and non-hygroscopic with excellent resistance to chemicals.


Soft and flexible but also durable and strong. Excellent workability, very low wear of stapling and flagging equipment, dramatic reduction of all maintenance and equipment component costs.


By same performances, still the best value-for-money product.


Diameters are available from 0.16 to 1.4mm with round or star profile. Level or crimped, flaggable, non flaggable and pre-flagged one or both sides. Different sections, colors or diameter can be mixed together.


Incredibly wide choice of colors ranging from the evergreen classics to the trendiest ones.


UV resistance additives can be used on request, to protect PVC filaments from sun exposure deterioration.


We have matched a different product line for every different specific request.

Continued cooperation with our customers as well as our technicians’ expertise, allow the development of different customized product lines, according to the most specific demands of the market.


Fili&Forme by Mapei has created five different product lines

to meet with the most specific customers’ needs.

PVC Special
The tailor-made monofilament

SPECIAL comes from special compounds made of particular raw material grades and is normally realized in strict connection with the customers. Mainly used for very specific applications.

PVC Smart
The Best-seller monofilament

SMART filaments are realized using the best formulations made of very carefully selected raw materials. Outstanding mechanical features, available in all diameters, crimping, colors and sections of the range.

PVC Light
The exclusive monofilament

Created and developed by Fili & Forme by Mapei for the production of brooms. Its main characteristic is the lightness, which is normally a 12% lower than the traditional PVC. Outstanding flaggability, available in a range of diameters from 0.40mm to 0.65mm, level only, with round section and in all the colors of the range, black excluded.

PVC Renew
The Green monofilament

The productive know-how achieved by Fili & Forme by Mapei during these years, has allowed to develop a product with excellent mechanical features and a good flaggability grade. Moreover, ReNew boasts all the advantages typical of a more competitive formulation and therefore of an excellent value-for-money. Available in diameters ranging from 0.40mm to 0.65mm, level only and in all the colors of the range.

PVC Basic
The Low-cost monofilament

Basic is realized with less noble raw materials and aimed to the production of medium-low positioned finished products. Available in diameters ranging from 0.40mm to 0.65mm, level only, in red, green, yellow, blue, grey and black colors only, not selectable from the color chart and with slight nuances variations possible from lot to lot.