Special lines

A market extremely sensitive about any kind of innovation, has lead our Research and Development division to create a new range of special products. An exclusive Fili & Forme by Mapei range, outstanding in terms of performances and originality.

NoBact. The bacteriostatic Monofilament

Nobact is the bacteriostatic monofilament realized by Fili & Forme by Mapei.
The addition of a bacteriostatic agent inhibits bacteria forming and growing and helps prevent unpleasant smells.

Nobact is available in PVC and PP in all the colors of the range.

Seduzione. The first scented fiber.

Seduzione is the first scented monofilament, patented by Fili & Forme by Mapei.
This fiber is able to release pleasant fragrances for long periods and at any time, whilst possessing the unaltered features of excellent quality filaments.
Seduzione makes any kind of use a unique experience and is ideal for the manufacture of product ranges that need to be outstanding such as brooms, brushes, decorative objects, etc.
Products manufactured with Seduzione ensure a fresh and clean frangrance in any room, broom closet or storage room,
Seduzione line is composed by a variety of floral and fruity fragrances, each of which is stored in a scent-protecting package.

It is available in PVC and PP in all the colors of the range.